Thursday, 28 July 2011

ARGH MP3 Players!!! And other dilemmas of the soon to be travelling Witch (by train not broomstick!!)


I spent most of last night and half of today battling with my MP3 player.  Now, the actual player works fine, I just need to put more songs onto it as it's only using like half (if that) of it's 4GB capacity and at present has a shockingly LOW amount of rock on there (don't worry the basics of Bush and GnR are on there, credit me with SOME sense!! and N.I.N, Nickleback and a few others!!)  I know I'm only going to be on a train for about 2 hours but there are days when I want less of THIS:

and more of THIS:

or probably more like this:

I'll just have to remember not to sing Sweet Child O'Mine at full blast like I was on the Crewe-Carlisle train last Sunday.... mind the one person I thought would have minded - a little old granny must've been about 80 was grinning her head off!!  That's how I want to be,  purple rinse NAH.... bring on the barbie pink wigs!! *grin*


Been preparing one way or another for the trip to Edinburgh... I still have a few things to pack and debating locating the infamous handcuffs for use at the party LOL (I've just been invaded by pussy [<<yes I'm leaving that as Joel would LOL] in the form of a Lewis-kitteh who wants much loving!!!... make that 2 cats now... one on shoulders and one on knee... argh... furry nose *grins*)  I dunno!!  Been reminded of much madness of the Bob type in preparing....I'll explain.

Anyone who knew Joel well will remember that he almost invariably had his keychain (with the handcuff key on it, although he was known to 'forget' it was on there for hours!!) on him...well I have lovingly mended (only really needed a new keyring... the ring bit) it, with the 3 rows of decreasing chains and now with only taking his motorbike keys off it and adding my house keys TO it.... it's good to go!!  BUT.... I've also got black nail varnish packed along with the clear sparkle varnish to go over the top (couldn't find his silver varnish so no cyber goth.... I don't think it would go with my dress actually), found my liquid eyeliner and JOEL's eyeliner pencil... yes JOEL's!!  Half the nail varnish in our case (yeah we have a CASE of nail varnish... does that surprise you those that knew Joel... heck I only recently started wearing nail varnish other than very very occasionally for weddings/posh days out etc.)... scratch that MORE than half the varnish in the case was Joel's!!... so that's the make up sorted out.

Then came the jewellery.  What does one put with a medieval dress??  I was going to wear my choker but decided that it was a little TOO choking!!, my wedding necklace looks too victorian and I'm not going for the victorian look... when I get down a bit more and have the basque/corset actually fit me, then sure I'll wear that when I go for more of a Steampunkish look..... sooooo I think it's got to be my bats.  Every witch should have some bats (most remiss of me, I don't seem to have CAT jewellery.  Oi people it's my b'day soon!  That is a WHOPPING hint!! LOL).  Oh and I don't know if it counts as jewellery but been making chains, chains and more chains but as yet not sure where I'm going with that!!  And just chains not chainmail... tho I can do that too!!

Clothing... well the dress for the party is a given... it's the one I wore for my handfasting and the funeral... it is in short my favourite dress with a LOT of memories.  Besides it's the one Joel liked me best in (and out LOL) of!!  But when one has inherited all your darling hubby's GORGEOUS gothy tops which he wouldn't let you pinch very often when he was around in the flesh (I can still hear him moaning now... "but your tits are going to stretch them!")... what does one WEAR?! LOL... jeans a given so I have the belt loops for the chains... but what else I don't know yet!! Decisions, decisions!!

And I have to fit this all into my trolley suitcase with a cushion resembling a small blue steam locomotive (a pressie from Uncle Joel to his favourite 'nephew' Cian) AND manage to have a backpack full of yummy new books (thanks Norman) to read.  I have both 'The White Queen' and 'The Red Queen' by Phillipa Gregory and in the suitcase 'Game of Thrones' in case I run out of books to read, which for me is an absolute disaster!!

Still got sandwiches to do but other than that I'm just about good to go.  NOTE TO SELF: Remember the phone charger!!  Cuz while I'm sure the Gillybean has a mini USB cable, for some reason even tho my Motorola Razr connection IS a mini USB it won't connect or charge via the computer... go figure, Joel's did but then Joel was a computer genius and probably 'fiddled' with it to MAKE it work (Work dammit or I'll rip your bios chip out.... then you won't work at all... LOL!!)

I leave you with some random witch cartoons that Joel thought were funny and then some pics of him since I deprived you of his gorgeous visage yesterday!!

And now some loverly piccies of my favourite guy:
Joel or 'Bob' in full party mode!
Pol wants to do Goth, oh purleaaase!!

And what do you mean you can't get snakebite and black in here, terrible pub!
Just look at those nails... if mine were HALF as good....
I'll teach you to be a little sister, I'll make you love me (tho in all honesty not forcing was needed on either side!)
The infamous handcuffs
With Uncle Alan and 'The Phantom Finger'.....
These guys really know how to party... Joel's turned into Rasputin the mad monk, Dad is passing out from the smell of Uncle Alan's armpits (sorry Alan, couldn't resist!!) and Uncle Norman is just being well... Uncle Norman!!  We know it runs in the family and this is where Joel got it from I'm sure, the same branch of the family, this is his mother's brother!!

And I'll leave you with that.  I'm off to Edinburgh tomorrow so not sure if I'll have time between doing the ironing (I volunteered I'll have you know... I LOVE ironing!!) and Cian sitting and having fun to do the blog, if not I'll catch up with the whole weekend thing on Monday!!

Huggles to you all... .love ya muchly!

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  1. photo 6 is kiki's delivery service. if you aint seen it, shal;l bring it to scotland!