Friday, 22 July 2011

Goth on Tour - Part 1, Manchester Day 1

In case you are wondering what the heck I'm on, I'm away for the weekend as you know, I've gone to Manc-land for a b'day party with Norman.  But first let me tell you about what went on prior to even getting on the train!!

I will have to describe what I am wearing first.  If I go from head to feet - purple gauze ribbon around pony-tail... what I think is a conservative amount of liquid eye liner and purple eyeshadow, mascara etc.  (Honestly the eyeliner [black of course] is the most prominent and it's only HALF way along my bottom lashes, and a tiny cleo line.  Trust me Joel wore FAR more make up on a NORMAL night out, I won't even go into 'Cyber Goth' times!!).  Then a long purple dress top with pockets, TWO bat pendants (Joel's old one on a leather thong up tight and the gorgeous HUGE one that Joel got me as my wedding gift from Alchemy Gothic, honestly its 4" across!), my rings as normal, plus a 'slave chain' around left wrist to ring finger and back, purple jeans with "Joel's" chain on it, complete with handcuff key (tho on this occasion no cuffs!). 

Since Norman was running a little late I decided to have a Coke in Burger King, but sat 'outside' (well outside the restaurant in their little patio bit that's cordoned off).  While sitting there a group consisting of Gran, Dad, and 3 bairns.... 2 girls and a lad... and a boxer puppy who was scared silly came and stood just the other side of the barrier to me.  While I sat there the older of the 2 girls who must've been about 8 was looking at me with an awe struck look on her face.  When I left the puppy tried to lick me so I stopped to fuss her, cute thing that she was.  The puppy was trying to wash my face and the awe-struck girl laughed and said "Stop it Betty, you'll lick all her cool make up off!".... Her Dad muttered something about "Stupid Emo's always miserable...".  The girl stopped and said "Do you like bats? Cool necklaces!!" Then to her Dad "GOTH Dad, GOTH, not Emo.  Does she look miserable, no, she looks COOOOOL.  Cool Goth, not emo... she's a fuckin' cool GOTH!!".  If I hadn't been laughing so hard I would've been shocked at an eight year old using such language!!  But it's official, I'm a hero and a 'fuckin' COOL Goth!!'  Yay, Go Me!  I'm officially recognised as a Goth.  Joel would be proud!! LOL

We went the scenic route to Manchester.  Newcastle to Carlisle was pretty uneventful... we just missed one train so had a coffee while we were waiting.  Same thing happened at Carlisle..... we finally got into Preston about 6pm.  The Manchester Airport train was PACKED, there was no way that Norman could have stood all the way to Manchester and I was disinclined to!  So we hot-footed it from Platform 6 to Platform 2 (how I wish I could apparate a la Potter and co!) to catch the train to Manchester Victoria.  That train stopped EVERYWHERE!!!  But on the plus side we decided not to go into Victoria but got off at Salford Central which is a gentle 10 min walk in quiet residential (mostly) area to the hotel.  MUCH easier than walking from Victoria!  As we entered the car park it started raining torrentially!  Hi Joel, yes, we know you're still around much as you dislike Manchester!! *grin*

Got in and unpacked, then had dinner (quiche, salad and jacket potato for me, VERY nice) while listening/watching the Phil Collins concert in ITV... now just chilling and watching tv.

Might be getting my feet nibbled by fish tomorrow!!  And then party tomorrow night.

And just to leave you with a pic of Joel seriously 'gothed up'  cuz remember.... Goths are 'fuckin' cool!!'

Chat to you all tomorrow, I'll try to get the blog done when I get back from the party and tell you what the 'Goth on Tour' got up to then.

Oh and for the record, I had about 1/4 of the amount of eye-liner on as Joel has here and normal pink lipstick (Joel told me that black lipstick doesn't suit me, he was right, really dark red for me is MUCH better!... Mind I was going for the cyber goth look [silver and black if you don't know] and it didn't really work with what I was wearing.  I could try it again and it might work!)

Off to offload the silverware!! Honestly I must be wearing about 2lbs of pewter today!! LOL

Ciao people, till tomorrow!!  Oh here's a bonus pic of Joel for you:

Go away I'm going to bed!  Love ya all really! xx

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