Sunday, 21 August 2011

I need a diary!!

And I thought LAST week was busy!! LOL

Put it this way, if I thought my life had been busy it's nothing on what it's BEEN getting lately!!  I am on a social WHIRL. 

I spent 2 days preparing a meal fit for a king... or 2 friends... this was the Menu:

Cold Hors D'Oeuvres (green and black olives, homemade houmous and dipping straws, pastrami roses, mixed nuts and fruit, veggie crisps), 

Starters of homemade prawn cocktail on fresh picked lettuce OR homemade potato and onion soup with fresh chives and cream and homemade crusty rolls (which will be warm straight out of the oven), 

Main course of Roast pork, roasties, pommes dauphinoise (mashed tatties with cream, butter, fresh parsley and garlic), carrots, broccoli, cabbage, green beans, peas and sweetcorn, homemade yorkies, homemade gravy, homemade stuffing, and homemade apple (with mustard and honey) sauce. 

Pudding choice of 3 cheesecakes - Kir Royale Champagne and Raspberry, Vanilla Profiterole Flake, or Baked Vanilla and Fudge Chocolate Drizzle. 

Cheeseboard, Coffee and choccies...... I think we'll all need to have a 10 mile hike after!!

As it happened we all opted for the prawn cocktail so my friends took the soup home with them, and we were so stuffed we skipped the cheeseboard.  However had to make sure they took enough cheesecake home to give their son and gf a taste and 2nds for them!!  Move over Delia and Nigella... Pol Milburn is in town LOL LOL

Anyhow... this week is going to be a bit busy too.... tomorrow shopping with Mam (let's face it I NEED to go shopping to be honest, almost out of washing up liquid, washing powder and fabric conditioner and need to get stuff for Wednesday.

Tuesday at the moment I'm pretty free, Wednesday I'm having friends over for tea (and the female contingent over for the day) and doing curry, tikka and naan!

Thursday free for the minute, Friday I am going to see friend for return visit during the day, then I'm going for a meal with my dear 'sister' Helen at an italian restaurant!

Saturday free, Sunday torn between Trillians Quiz Night and karaoke at the Beehive... I might need to start alternating Sundays!!

And soon I shall be going to Scotland with Rach and Olly... my diary is filling up too...MAY be going to a Halloween bash, 2nd weekend in Nov I'm getting my first ever tattoo, and I'll be doing other stuff too, guaranteed!!

I'll keep you posted!

Oh and how am I coping... well, I'm still having weepy fits.  Just suddenly started bawling my eyes out for no reason other than I realised how much I missed Joel the other day.  People keeping me busy helps but I hadn't felt him while my houseguest was here mind, him and the houseguest weren't the best of buddies shall we say!  He's been back now (as in I've felt him around) but I just was missing him so much I had a bawling session.... they keep happening, but I guess that I'll get over it eventually.

Here's some pics of Joel for you

The last one in memory of my cat Chilli who passed away last week.

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